50 days of fabulous fashion countdown to 50th Birthday

JOIN Me in 50 Days of Fabulous UNTIL 50…

This year I will be turning 50!! It Seems Surreal and thinking back when my own Mother turned 50! it was an event to remember for me & my siblings…..and if she were here to Celebrate my 50 with me it would be ICONIC for Me! Recently I have thought on the friends & family members we have lost that are gone and would be close to my age right now…

I am living a Blessed Life, and we are all gifted with natural talents and I didn’t even begin using my god-given talents until I reached a certain age..Although My Mother taught me how to design, create, and style my own garments & accessories… .yet, I followed the Corporate Path for many years when reality of wisdom light switch kicked on and I fell in love with FABRIC!

And since then I have been a Creative Fashion Designer and those that know me, all know that I Passion is to Create & Celebrate! I will be Celebrating my 50th Birthday by sharing 50 Creative Designs… on the countdown to my Birthday…

Don’t Miss these 50!

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Grateful to My Beautiful Daughters: Chloe Cari Jaiden Phylicia Herring