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Lake Life & Stress Free Me!

    Lake Life & Stress Free Me!

IMG_3285Hello YOU!

I am so excited to share with you the Lake Lifestyle and the reasons why I LOVE it! Let me begin with the fact that it’s my zone… living at the lake is more than just riding on boats, and watching other people ride boats. Lake life for me is about longevity of life, happiness & peace of mind, sustaining healthy lifestyle, and creating a stress free environment for ME!

Growing up my parents would take us out to the lake for Saturday family time, and relaxing time. I knew that this was where my heart grew fond of and was at the most peace… simply being by the water!


After years of working in the business world, managing others, and following a hectic schedule I decided that I would begin to look for my home on the lake, so my Mother and I began the search in 2008. We made several trips back & forth to the lake for months gaining knowledge of the area, the homes, the schools, and the lifestyle! We fell in sheer love with the lifestyle and the peacefulness.


In 2009, my Mother’s health declined quickly… and she knew I was destined to live on the lake! In lieu of her health, we completely shut down the search for my home on the lake. After losing her in 2009, I was devastated, yet determined to create the lifestyle that we prayed & planned for… “Stress Free Me” On The Lake! 

Living on the lake for me is simply a reward for all the loyalty, the determination, the courage, the promises, and the faith!




The shopping is just above and beyond exciting, I absolutely love the unique shops, the brands, and the restaurants by the water where you can ride your boat into the dock and have dinner and ride the boat back home to your own dock. 

The most important part for me about living on the lake is the ability to eat, sleep, pray, meditate, and work in an environment that illuminates peace & tranquility.


I will definitely share with you more of my experiences on the lake… make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the LORETTA ROSE Style & stay connected!




Until Next Time… “CELEBRATE Life YOUR Style!”



An Heiress with A Vision


An HEIRESS With A Vision..

An HEIRESS with A Vision”…….No More Limits on your Life Goals, Your Dreams, Your Vision! Get the old Image of yourself and establish the NEW Image of yourself in confidence that you have a VICTORY on the horizon… Walk in Royalty, talk in the belief that you are destined for great things! Great Life! Great Health! Great Wealth!

The world is a Treasure Storehouse of opportunities for YOU and your role is to Simply believe you are worthy of all you desire to be and desire to live! YOU are made so wonderful that there is NO Other Like YOU!

I have to admit… My walk in Royalty as a Woman destined to be crowned with the life of Love, Knowledge, Health, Wealth, and Happiness did not come just overnight in a whim! No, it sure didn’t … It took me some time to mediate, pray, research, and receive the knowledge & the understanding of HOW powerful my very own self Love, self confidence, and self acceptance of true royalty means… taking the first step to simply Believing in my dreams, my goals, and my vision… and NEVER giving up makes me a Woman of Royalty.

2ndly, honoring my belief and staying the course…. Love NEVER fails so, with that being true… Love myself to provide a deep love for others and for my vision makes me a Woman of Royalty.

And 3rd, A Woman of Royalty is Resilient to the situations and circumstances of the World… no matter what comes our way… Stay focused, faithful. committed, and joyful in YOUR dreams & visions… An you will inherit the Blessings you desire!

YOU ARE A Woman of Royalty… An Heiress to YOUR Dreams & Visions!

Until Next Time My Dear,



Photo: The Dress in Photo is from DRESSED365 Collection by Loretta Rose  

P.S. My Curly Crown taking me from Desk-to-Dinner with 🌻 @janecartersolution Products I used: CURLS TO GO: Curl Cocktail + CURLS TO Coiling All Curls + Leave-In-Conditioner 🌻Yes! Curls Stay coming!


***Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored… this is a personal style & studio.

Keys to Team Meeting Success


Keys to Team Meeting Success

I have probably attended thousands of team meetings, and managed and facilitated more than I have been invited to… My day involves many meetings, conference calls,  and I often get asked the question “How do I conduct successful, informative, and great team meetings?”

****I believe in sharing knowledge to empower so, I am providing my keys to successful team meetings for you to follow and use as guidelines****

Initially, the time you need to cover agenda topics will vary depending upon the needs of the team meeting purpose.

Introductions –  (5 min.)
As  general rule I always welcome everyone and briefly states the objective of the team meeting. Allow individuals to introduce themselves, and provide a description of their role within the company or team and their area of expertise and how they may be able to contribute to the  efforts. The material to be presented by the following agenda topics should come right from the Introductions.
Meeting Ground Rules – (5 min.)
For example, one person talks at a time, speak to the agenda and topic, etc.
Management/Lead Statement – Management/Lead (5 min.)
After brief introductions, the manager should describe the vision for the team, demonstrate support, and advocate for its success, setting it as a priority for all parties involved.
Background and Purpose- Manager (5 min.)
• Meeting  Objectives – Manager (10 min.)
• Meeting Scope & Schedule – Manager (15 min.)
• Roles & Responsibilities – Manager (10 min.)
As a Manager or Team Lead, when reviewing roles and responsibilities be explicit about expectations relative to your availability and your commitment and support for the team. This creates great vibe within your team!
Next Steps – Manager (5 min.)
• Questions (10 min.)

Provide a list of the material to be distributed to the attendees. Be sure that one of the Team members in attendance is scribing for the session, capturing important project-specific information that requires further review or discussion as well as potential issues that could impact the team. The notes will be compiled into meeting minutes to be distributed to all the attendees and retained in the team email directory.

Document each project decision reached and its impact. Also indicate if the decision requires follow-up actions. If so, these should be captured below.

Document any project issues identified and its impact. Also indicate if the issue requires follow up actions. If so, these should be captured below.
Action Items for Follow-up
Capture any follow up activities and the individual responsible for them as well as set a date as to when the action needs/should be completed. At the end of the meeting, the scribe should recap the action items. These should also be included in the meeting notes to be distributed.


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Loretta Rose, Author| Life Style Maven| Project Management Consultant

Do What You Love & Love What You Do


Do What You Love & Love What You Do


I love having the capability of working remotely and the ability to travel while working, working while writing and training, and designing while relaxing and unwinding.

The best projects I have worked on are the project that I absolutely loved! And Most of the time each involved a “melting pot” of folks working on one effort to get the job done… Many  core project teams, part-time members, contracted resources from all over the world and various vendors and service providers that created .

However, be mindful…The most critical part of working remotely is… Communications!

There can be challenges and many assumptions from a team of people that are working from a remote location, but I would like to share with you how to mitigate challenges and how to ensure the “beat goes on” as if you were all together in one big office building…

  • It is important to create a sense of collaboration and team effort among the team members.
  • Resist the temptation to assume everyone is always on the same page, and instead continue to develop your ongoing activities that build communication.
  • Remember that strong communication lines can be the difference of a project success and a project failure.
  • Always develop and manage a remote project the same way you would an on-site project and that includes regular meetings and promote information sharing with your team and members. This measure is a key that creates collaboration and success!
  • Work in a comfortable area… whether it’s your favorite coffee shop, work sharing co-op place, or from your home office space.
  • Maintain updated meeting minutes, logs of issues and risks.

Stay tuned as I launch the iRemote Work Crash Course Series and learn about working remotely coming  soon! For More Information about the iRemote Work Crash Course Series submit your request below:




Look Polished & Put Together on-The-Go


Look Polished & Put Together on-The-Go

The Most important fashion and style question that I have while on-the-go is…

“HOW do I look polished and put together during the daily transition?”

Well, if you are a on-the-go woman such as me… you are traveling, working, moving constantly… It’s not easy, but it’s a time of the year where comfort and classics definitely come into play with your wardrobe. So what I recommend is you choose fabrics and pieces that require less ironing, breathable, and lightweight that are great layering clothing and accessories.

So, the MAIN focus of a Look on-the-Go Polished & Professional Style is… Layering & Wrapping! Yes, sounds simple but you really need to just try it… the layered look gives you flexibility and comfort while you can wear a classic wrap dress, jumpsuit, or a  throughout the week.


**What I’m Wearing: The Stripe Maxi by Dressed 365, Soft Sweater Jacket by Dressed 365, Hat by Steve Harvey Collection


My Style for Flex & Comfort Professional Looks for me consists of:

  1. Blazers
  2. Maxi Dresses
  3. Tees (Short & Long Sleeve) to layer 2 to 3
  4. Trouser Pants
  5. Soft Blouses
  6. Wrap Dresses (Knits & Knit Blends)
  7. Maxi Skirts/Pencil Skirts
  8. Quarter Length Jackets
  9. Midi Dresses (Knits & Knit Blends)
  10. Jump Suits of Cotton, Velvet Stretchy, and my favorite… Knits & Knit Blends
  11. Denim! Denim! Denim!… During the daily commute I adore… Jeans, Jean Jackets, and Denim


To wrap up this post, here are (8) of my most favored style tips that I can give you on staying polished and put together during the week:

  1. Dress for success… meaning dress like you are happy, a successful person looks happy!
  2. Know that you are Extraordinary.
  3. Take good care of your skin with facials, cleansing, and moisturizing is key!
  4. Get your rest, and get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Drink plenty of water, as your body needs hydration to restore your energy levels, to restore you mind and keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy.
  6. Sip on hot tea throughout the season.
  7. Know that YOU are to be a blessing to ALL the people around you: where you work, in your community, you family.
  8. YOU are beautiful & You can captivate all those around you with your “Polished & Put Together” holiday look & style.


**What I’m Wearing: The Gingham Blazer by Dressed 365, Tuxedo Pants by Dressed 365, Shoes by Steve Madden

Until Next Time,





Beauty: “LOVE YOUR SKIN + How I Get Sun kissed”

love my skin

Beauty: “LOVE YOUR SKIN + How I Get Sun kissed”

The Skin that I have is most valuable to me… it’s with me for our lifetime! Besides from drinking plenty of water, in which I drink 1 Gallon per day.. because I deeply believe in taking care of my skin from the inside + outside. I travel and stay on-the-go as Wife + Boss Mom and it’s important to me that I can travel with carry on products that maintain my skin’s radiance, suppleness, and year-round “sun kissed” glow. 

With (5) major products that travel well with me I maintain my just been kissed by the sun skin:

My Loretta Rose 365 Water Bottle








Barlean’s Coconut Oil


Physicians Formula Argan Wear| Oil + Physicians Formula BB Cream


Physicians Formula Bronze Booster



Until Next Time,






****Disclaimer*** This is not a sponsored post, these are my current personal skin care products that I use to maintain my year round glowing skin.


Happy Anniversary to My Naturally Curly Hair

Happy Anniversary to Naturally Curly Hair

I’m kicking off my 3 year anniversary of being Naturally Curly Boss – and you’re invited to join me! I worked in Corporate World for many years with the straight gorgeous “locs” of thick beautiful hair….all it with it’s wonderful time consuming high maintenance… after my transition from corporate rules, workplace meetings, and taking the plunge to follow my purpose, my dream, and my destiny…Launching the “Loretta Rose Style Design & Branding”!
Well, I planned a timeline and of course, as we sometimes do when it’s our own dream… I placed high very standards on myself and my business ventures, which created a whole new hair & beauty regimen for me! Therefore the “Ah ha” moment hit me one day…. if I believe in “Live Your Style”…that means I NEED to live it myself right? So, I began my journey of Naturally Curly “sometimes” WILD hair! So today I am celebrating loving “Living my Style”!
The “Live Your Style” Celebration is on & You’re Invited!
During this “Live Your Style” Naturally Curly Boss Hair online celebration I will be discussing how to:
  • Creating your natural style for your life.
  • Setting hair goals or just simply dedicating your hair goals you already have.
  • Focus on letting go of old trends and old habits to achieve your natural hair style goals.
  • Overcome the fear of what others would think because you are transitioning into a natural Boss! And how NOT to allow that to be the reason to hold you back from living your natural style!
  • Get reviews on hair product strategies to advance your transition.
  • Gain knowledge on healthy hair vs. trendy hair.
  • Understand how to start, trim, cut, and grow your own natural hair.
To Join in on the celebration & conversation get connected with me & the cast of Girl Talk online… (1) subscribe to my blog and comment below if you would like a video(2) Subscribe & Follow me on Instagram @lorettarosestyle, and (3) Join
me on Twitter @lorettatrosestyle.
The next “Beauty” Post I will write about “Living your Natural Style” as a Curly Boss! We will be talking you through my transition, hair maintenance steps, challenges, and celebrations!
Watch my Living My Style  Hair Transitioning Videos coming soon….
XOXO with Design & Style Love,
Loretta Rose

Snow Day Waffles With Style


Snow Day Waffles with Style

HEY Honeys!

How is your Snowy Season going? Across the Region folks are being impacted by this generous Mother Nature… She’s in some type of mood huh? Well, Here’s an idea for Moms with kiddos to keep them on their toes… Add Pancakes or Waffles to the Menu for the day!

Not only are they fun & tasty… but they are filling! I remember growing up my Mom would make us a stack of pancakes to keep us from snacking on bad snacks throughout the day, and we sure enjoyed them!

Now when I have guests over for the weekend, the holidays, or this time of year… get Snowed in is an event at my house.

While we are working on the Brunch Bar, we frequently do Waffles as a celebration of a day well spent! So, another great idea of mine…why not have a great Waffle Bar during this Snowy Season? YES, I say indulge!

Here’s a few of my favorites to create a wonderful Waffle Bar:

  • Candy Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Crushed Butter Finger Candy Bar
  • Crushed Oreos
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Fresh Raspberries
  • Crushed Pecans or Pieces
  • Raisins
  • Cranberries

Enjoy & Until Next time…

Celebrate Your busy life… with Style

Loretta, Lifestyle Maven | Author

You’ve Got Your Own Style


You’ve Got Your Own Style… Celebrate IT!

Hey Honeys! Life is such a gift… we are to live it + celebrate it + make the most of it! 

I know that with each NEW day comes a NEW opportunity to try again, to start something NEW, to kick off a NEW class or learning program, learn to cook something NEW, to gain a prosperous NEW business life, to follow our NEW dreams, to birth a NEW life into the world, to give NEW wisdom and knowledge to someone else, and to have a bright NEW outlook with happiness no matter the circumstance of life.

So, the most important thought for Celebrating Your own style is to be able to be YOU without limits, without others opinions that conflict your own of yourself, and without fear to express your own style!

If your purpose is be on the big screen… then go to acting school or take a drama course…

If your purpose is to be a Mom of 6… then be the Best Mom of 5 you can be…

If your purpose is to teach… teach it…

If your purpose is to model… then Model all to your heart’s desire…

If your purpose is to be a Medical Professional… by all means, Love it & Heal them…

No matter YOUR purpose… it’s YOURS and when others create a negative impact to your mood, your focus, your passion, or your goals… Don’t let that dull your Sparkle!

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Until Next Time,

Celebrate Your busy life… with Style

Loretta, Lifestyle Maven | Author